Prayer for the tree

Let us praise and give thanks for the beautiful autumn colours. The summer is fading in a glory of red and gold. The trees shed their leaves to make a russet carpet beneath our feet. Let us give thanks for the tree. The tree is our life companion. Our breath takes oxygen from the air. The tree takes our breath and returns it to the air as oxygen. The tree provides the wood we use to build our houses and the fuel for our fires. The tree gives us shade in summer and shelter from the rain. Trees and plants provides us with medicines and we eat the fruits. Let us give thanks for the trees.
Let us be thankful for the gifts that the natural world gives us and let us feel our responsibility for the welfare of all that lives on this planet. Humankind has been greedy and thoughtless in its use of the earth. May our prayers give strength to those who seek to protect the earth from further destruction. May we act in the world with love for God’s creation. May we become healers and preservers of this garden of delight we have been given to live in.

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