Samhain Greetings

Greetings from the Unitarian Earth Spirit Network. The earth is turning towards winter. The clocks fall back. Darkness lingers into the morning. Darkness intrudes the afternoon light. The fireworks have started early, thumping and crumping, their colours cascading for a few moments to vanish in the evening drizzle. We know it will go on for weeks, reaching a crescendo around Guy Fawkes Night and maybe a bit longer. The supermarket has cleared an aisle for Halloween costumes. There are pumpkins and pumpkin carving kits, skeleton costumes with separate skulls, witches cloaks and green masks with pointed hats. And there are sweets for the trick and treat little ones. Welcome to the start of winter. On the night of October 31st I shall be celebrating not Halloween but Samhain on the wheel of the year. In the old days they had a special meal on this night and laid a place for those who had passed on during the year gone by. They reminisced about them and they talked to the empty chairs, recalling special moments. I will make a shrine with berries and nuts and light a candle and amongst them place pictures of my ancestors, grandparents and parents, uncles and cousins. I’ll add photographs of friends who have passed on this year. I’ll add a special memento, a gold thimble, a wristwatch, a handwritten poem. On that evening I will sit in silence and remember them all. I’ll recall their personalities and characters. I’ll remember the kindnesses and the unspoken gestures of love. I promise them I do not let the memories go. I see in myself what they have given me. I see them in my children and grandchildren. I promise not to forget them. However you celebrate this time of the year I hope you will enjoy your moments in it. With Samhain blessings


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