Yule is a celebration of the shortest day, the winter solstice when the suns seems to be standing still over the Tropic of Capricorn before turning  to push its light and warmth back towards the north and banishing the cold and lifelessness from the earth.     It was a time for lighting fires to encourage the sun to begin its return journey.  Yule is a celebration of light and the evergreens.   The Norse goddess Frigda was said to weave the fates of a persons life into a ring and from that we have the wreath placed on the door of the house.    Holly and Ivy was also brought into the house , so too was a young tree as a place for the forest  sprite to stay.   The exchange of gifts came from the Roman feast of Saturnalia.   Not only were gifts exchanged so too were places on this day.   The master waitied on the servant.   The slave became the master.   It lives on in the tradition of the pantomime, a fary tale story where the Principal Boy is played by a girl and the female villain by a man.