Mabon – the autumn equinox

The Autumn Equinox

The sun on its journey through the wheel of the year reaches a point of balance. The corn is gathered in, the middle harvest of fruit hangs ready for picking. The time of daylight and the time of darkness rest against one another and day will yield, it’s years work done, all is fulfilled and rest approaches.

Let us celebrate the harvest, give thanks to Mother Earth for the bounty. The horn of plenty, cornucopia is full. Let the ground rest, clear away what has died and process it back to the elements and so to the earth. The wheel turns on through rest to the birth of life again.

And we, who follow the wheel through the year, let us pause. This is the time for reflecting on the year of our life. This is a time of preparation for peace and a time of rest?
Look back at the equinox of Spring. What did we sow and what have we reaped?. What plans have born fruit and what has not grown?. Rejoice in the positive and take what has failed to burnt on the fire of experience. Leave the way clean and clear and ready for a new year returning.

The nights close in, the focus of life comes in from the summer to gather round the hearth and talk, time to rest, a time to plan, a time to prepare the mind, thinking of what needs to be done, how life can be improved. A time to turn to learning and crafting. A time of gentle preparation.

It is a time of celebration and thanksgiving. This is Mabon.