A meditation for Ostara

Let us prepare our minds and hearts to wander.   Sitting gently, relaxed in our breathing.   Imagination can take over and see a new picture.


We are looking at the trees.   Dark skeletons through the cold of winter, black against the sky.   Still as if in a painting.     And they feel as we feel the warming of the air. They feel the turn of the earth back towards the sun. They feel the light lingering longer around them, darkness receding.


This day or the next day or the day after, is the equinox.   Light has triumphed again. The trees respond.   Stiffness gives way to stretching, the flow of life is returning, easing out into the breeze, the boughs and branches prepare to dance within it.     Life force goes to the tip and the bud moistens in newness.


Within each of the trees the spirit, the dryad is waking.   Soon there will be a haze of green around them.   Soon the haze will be new bright green leaves.   Soon there will be flowers and blossom.


From all the trees it is time to choose just one. To keep a special picture of. This is your tree.   Consider it more closely.   See the detail of its shape, the canopy.   Your tree grows year by year.   An angle changes, one shoot dominates, one direction recedes.


Your tree has a shape but within it there is an unpredictable pattern.


Make contact with your tree.   Establish a connection with it. Touch it.   Feel it’s energy.


It feels yours.   To your tree you can speak or whisper, or tie on a fragment of cloth with your prayer written on.


Your tree will feel your dreams and hold them until you return to them. The tree will hold your sorrows and release you from them for a while.


You can promise to your tree. It gives you the energy and the time to change, to renew.


Your tree knows you.   Knows you have seasons of quiet and seasons of growth. You too have a spirit that grows as it grows.


Your tree absorbs your darkness and gives you light.


Cherish the picture of your tree.   You may know it already.   You may have to seek for it. You may only have a painting of it but it is your tree to hold. Your tree to bring change and newness in your life.


At this time of equinox, spring is returning and all life is renewed. So is our own.   Our shape too is the same but we are growing within it, creating new pattern, building strength from the memories of the old.

May the goddess of spring bless us and protect our tree.


Let us return to the here and now.