The Wheel of the Year

The Earth Spirit Network is part of a Pagan tradition but also strongly part of the Unitarian Movement.

For those who follow an earth centred spirituality there is an awareness of the changing seasons and the effect they have on the natural world.   The energy of life rises and falls as the sun appears to move between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.      The longest day, the shortest day and the two equinoxes are noted with festivals and celebrations.    Between each there are other festivals, giving a total of eight for the year. The list is :-

Samhein    31st October,         Remembering Ancestors and a New Year begins

Yule            21st December,     Winter Solstice

Imbolc       2nd February,       Preparing for spring at winter’s end

Ostara        21st March,           The Spring Equinox

Beltane      1st May,                 A  celebration of life

Lithia          21st June,             The Summer Solstice

Lammas     1st August,            The graint harvest

Mabon        21st September,  The Autumn Equinox