Imbolc Prayer

She comes out of the captivity of winter, this goddess of purification and all things good.   She touches the earth with her magic fire and warms it.   The seed responds and starts to grow.   She lays her hand on the ewe and the ewe knows her time is near and the lamb will be born wanting her milk.   She waves her fiery wand in the air. The birds feel her warmth and it is time to find a mate and gather twigs and moss for a nest.

And the young feel her warmth. Their hearts grow.   The world seems more lovely. They look for love and to be loved and Brighid guides them and lets them see each other with desire and need.

And the wise ones know that Brighid will not pass a cradle without pausing to leave a blessing on the child.   And the wise ones know too that the skill they have in their fingers to sew or paint, to craft and decorate, was passed by Brighid to their ancestors generations before.

She is the goddess of healing and protector of the home and hearth.

She travels in the worlds above and the worlds below.

Brighid was the crone of winter, now she. Is the maiden of spring.   She offers the future and asks, ‘What do you desire, Where is you life journey taking you ?     Look at yourself and whisper in the spring breeze,       ‘My ambition this year is to become, or is to do, or is cease doing’


Let praise Brighid who comes in the spring, and lifts us up to life once more. goddess of all time, maiden, wife, mother and crone.   Walk beside us through the coming year.