Unitarian Earth Spirit Network

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The Unitarian Earth Spirit Network is a society within the Unitarian Movement.   Members of the Society produce a publication, ‘The File’ which includes their own writing and news.  We welcome comments and contributions from within and outside the Unitarian Movement.   Positive thoughts help us all to grow in understanding and awareness.

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2 Responses to Unitarian Earth Spirit Network

  1. tonymcneile says:

    Are Unitarians Pagans? Is a short film to be found on UKUnitarianTV and on YouTube. Thank you to James and the team for this production.

  2. tonymcneile says:

    Join us for our Yule celebration on Wednesday 20th December at Unity Chapel, Chorley New Road (opp Bolton School),2.30 for 3.00.
    There will be meditation, readings, music and candles as we join together on this hinge of the year festival and bid the sun return. Finish at 4.00
    Bring a nibble to share afterwards.

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