Unitarian Earth Spirit Network

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The Unitarian Earth Spirit Network is a society within the Unitarian Movement.   Members of the Society produce a publication, ‘The File’ which includes their own writing and news.  We welcome comments and contributions from within and outside the Unitarian Movement.   Positive thoughts help us all to grow in understanding and awareness.

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3 Responses to Unitarian Earth Spirit Network

  1. tonymcneile says:

    As the sun returns, the light grows and a new year of 2017 begins we wish you all a future free of strife and free of worry. May you nourish the love in your life and grow stronger in spirit.

    • Richard Fyffe. says:

      I always think that when the daffodils begin to appear the earth is beginning to stir again. there is a small witch hazel in shrewsbury at which I stop and inhale its scent , the promise of Spring.Richard , of shrewsbury Unitarians.

  2. tonymcneile says:

    Pleased to hear that the Unitarians in Chester are to have a ‘Welcome to Spring’ celebration’ one Sunday.

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