The Unitarians

The Unitarian spectrum is wider than any one religion or belief system.    The Earth Spirit Network is for those who find in nature a sense of wonder and mystery, that every living thing is part of something greater.     It feels possible to connect with that wonder and feel that within it there are indeed myths of gods and goddesses.  There is healing and serenity that touches the innermost sentiments of the embracing human.     The Unitarian Earth Spirit Network links together like minded people.

There are other groups and societies within the Unitarian spectrum:   There is a more traditionally Christian group,  a Mysticism group, a Humanist Group, a Psychical Society, Music Society, Renewal Group, Meditation Fellowship and more.    There are also groups for young adults and we have a Youth Department run by our Headquarters.

Many people with a variety of interests and beliefs and all held together by this energy which we call Unitarian.

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