New Year Greetings

We wish all lovers of the natural world peaceful times in the coming year. We have continued to celebrate the wheel of the year festivals by meeting on Zoom and posting meditations and photos on the Facebook site. We may not able to embrace each other during this Covid crisis but we are able to embrace the natural world simply by spending more time in it and looking more closely at it it. What message of hope and love does the natural world give you when you do look at it? That is the theme for our next issue of the ‘File’ which will be published in April. If you want to write something for it, it would be welcome – 250 – 1250 words is ideal. If you are offering copyright material or photographs please send them in with the copyright holders written permssion. We look foward to hearing from you Are you on our Facebook site? Have you joined the Unitarian Earth Spirit Network? Let’s keep positive in the year ahead.

Entries by email to preferably before March 30th

Tony McNeile

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