Invitation to IMBOLC celebration

Please join the Earth Spirit’s Zoom celebration of Imbolc on On Saturday 30th January at 7.00pm. Imbolc is the Celtic fire festival of awakening. At Imbolc we clear away the debris of winter, preparing the ground for the first ploughing and sowing. We welcome the returning light and the stirrings of Springtime, as the first green shoots and the snowdrops push through the soil, giving us encouragement and confidence to light the fires of hope and inspiration in our hearts. The festival honours Brighid, Celtic Goddess and later Catholic Saint, patron of poets, healers and smiths.
Our celebration will include words, music, meditation, and the opportunity to share in small groups our sources of inspiration.
Joining instructions to follow.

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1 Response to Invitation to IMBOLC celebration

  1. valchamberlain says:

    What a beautifully worded invitation – can’t wait. Val

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