Bolton’s 2017 Programme

Imbolc (Feb 2nd) (Chinese New Year) 28 Jan 17 Unity Church hall, Chorley New Rd, Bolton
Ostara (Mar 20th) 18 Mar 17 Unity Church hall, Chorley New Rd, Bolton, 12 – 2pm
Beltane (May 1st) 29 Apr 17 Kendal, visit
Litha (Jun 21st) 17 Jun 17 Bullstrang stone circle Macclesfield,  visit
Lammas (Aug 2nd) 29 Jul 17 Lancaster Castle, visit
Mabon (Sep 21st) 16 Sep 17 visit well dressing
Samhain (Oct 31st) 28 Oct 17 Unity Church Hall 2 – 4
Yule (Dec 21st) 16 Dec 17 Feast

Pending – a visit to the Pendle Druid Group
Unitarian Annual Meetings – Birmingham NEC Hilton 10 – 13 Apr 17
Information stall  and Morris Dancing
We look forward to being joined by otherUESN groups and we support other UESN
group’s events. We support the Bolton Area Pagans.

Keep checking, as the best laid plans sometimes have to change