September Meditation

September. The first of the four misnumbered months that close our year. September is a gentle word that ushers out the summer with the last of the four harvests, of nuts and berries. September is the month of the autumn equinox when day and dark are equal before the evenings draw in. September may give the last glance of summer.
The holiday makers return to the fold and the church celebrates the harvest that all is safely gathered in, hopefully.
September is a time for nostalgia and and excited preparation. It is a time of change. With summer gone attention turns to new beginnings. Children return to school and a new year with new challenges. The new season starts for theatres and indoor activities. Thoughts turn towards Christmas.
Don’t let the pace of life stop you from noticing September. Take time, even just a little time to pause and study the changing world in which you are living. Study the trees to see the leaves beginning to turn. The tree has turned down the energy level and time of the leaf is finished, but it will fall in a blaze of colours, reds and golds whose beauty can bring tears to our eyes. Everything in the natural world is slowing down. The hibernators are stockpiling food. Grass has stopped growing and cattle are prepared for winter in the barn.
We are not hibernators but we need to feel the gentleness of September coming into our hearts. Time to move forward with September energy, a little slower, a little more circumspect of life, preparing for, not rushing at the changes ahead. Let there be an equinox for your talents and allow the slower creative energy to emerge and the high energy active to subside and rest until the spring.
To feel spiritually healthy our lives too need to harmonise with the seasons and be aware of the rhythms around us.
We trust you have enjoyed the sunshine this summer has given us, that you have many happy memories from the months gone by to keep your heart warm with nostalgic love. if you are facing change this September we hope you will rise to the challenges and you will find success and happiness. We hope you find September a peaceful month.

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