Celebrating the summer solstice

We shall be celebrating the sunrise from Scout Road which looks down on the town of Bolton where most of us live.  To all our friends we wish peace and happiness at this special time of the year.   How we have enjoyed the lengthening days and seeing the fresh green of spring that adorned the trees becoming richer and darker in response to the warmth and the light of summer.

I hope we can all reflect warmth and light into the world as we go about our lives.    Let us develop new friendships.     Epicurus that ancient sage said that having friends and valuing them was one of the sources of happiness, another was not craving for what you did not need but enjoying what you already had.     So different from what is happening today when enough is never enough, when we take from the earth what it cannot replace and there is a contempt for all its habitats and all its species – even our own.

Let us live in harmony and not in discord, either with each other or this earth which is trying to sustain us.


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