Bolton group Yule celebration

Bolton Group Yule Meeting Wednesday 20th December 2017

We met at Unity Chapel in Bolton to celebrate.

First we recognised the dark and stayed with it for a while.   I adapted a poem by William John Fitzgerald from his book ‘Blessings for the fast paced and cyberspaced’

O God, dark can be beautiful!

Let us be aware of dark blessings:

Blessed be the dark night that nurtures dreams.

Blessed be the dark hole out of which creation sprang.

Blessed be the dark cave of imagination that births creativity.

Blessed be dark wombs that cradle us.

Blessed be dark loam that produces nourishing food for our bodies.

Blessed be dark energy that swirls into gracefulness.

Blessed be dark boiling clouds hurling down lightning and cleansing rain.

Blessed be even our own darkness, our raw, undeveloped cave of shadows.

O God, help us to befriend dark and not deny its power.

Help us not to cover over the dark with fear but to open to it with your grace and to be open to your life within the dark.

May we discover the blessings that lie deep within our holy dark so that we may freely affirm that dark is beautiful indeed!

Other readings were taken from the web site ‘Spirituality and Practice’  Our thanks to Frederick and Mary Brusset for the material that helped us

We then lit a new candle to welcome the returning light and remembered the many ways and traditions in which the winter solstice has been celebrated:   Oak King and Holly King, Saturnalia, Yule logs and evergreens, Dionysius, Mithras, Christian.

We remembered and shared personal Christmas memories that will never be forgotten: a puppy arriving, a dressing up party, riding the new bike around the block at 4am, the baby doll, the hole in Santa’s sack.

Then we feasted and toasted all our brothers and sisters at home and abroad who will celebrate Yule in their way this year.

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