Moving along

i was pleased to be able to produce a second File for this year, 2017.   Thank you  for contributions.     If you want to contribute send it to me by e mail, but please please do not send copyrighted material.

the Bolton group met to enjoy a midsummer feast and we talked about ‘moving along’.     In November next year the Network is represented at a weekend conference at the Nightingale Centre in The Derbyshire village of Great Hucklow.  We are meeting with other Unitarian groups to learn about each other and discuss bridges and boundaries in the quest to have all Unitarian activities and groups better recognised and known within the Unitarian Movement and beyond.

The Earth Spirit Network is linked through the File. and the website but we thought we should also try to create a more physical Network where the individual groups might meet to share a meeting or celebration.   We could consider a regional or national get together.


the Network runs financially on the annual subs from members.   The £15  sub pays for the production of the  File, the cost of our presence at the Unitarian Annual Meetings and advertising material.    We welcome donations through the PayPal button on the website.



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